Day #85 in A Year of Positivity

“Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined.” – Unknown

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Day #85 in A Year of Positivity! I’m not entirely sure who came up with this quote, though as always, if you happen to know who the real author is, please drop a comment below, so I can give credit where it’s due.

I will be the first person to tell you that I’ve made a slew of mistakes, big and small, all throughout my childhood and adolescence. Even now as an adult I still make mistakes. I’m not perfect, but you know what? That’s okay. I learn from them, and I will look for ways to improve myself. It took me a long time to learn to let go of certain things in my past, because I was my own worst critic, but I’ve since learned to make my peace with those things and let them go.

We all pretty much have at least one thing in our past which may not have turned out the way we wanted. Maybe we may even have a thing or two we regret handling the way we did. However, we still have the opportunity to make our future the best one for us yet. It’s important to learn from the mistakes we’ve made, especially in the ones we regret, and it’s equally vital to embrace growth as we step forward into the new dawn of our lives.

Don’t let the past live rent-free in your head.
The best moments of our lives have yet to come.

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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Year of Positivity

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