Hello, everyone, and welcome to my personal blog, A Few Beautiful Moments. I’m thrilled to announce the newest addition to this website, Armor On, but first, let’s look at what this site already offers.

Bucket Listed Travels

Bucket Listed Travels is a cool section that has three sub-section pages comprising all my adventures related to travel. This tab in the main menu has a drop-down feature where you can click on any of the sub-sections. You can also click on the tab itself, and it will provide another way of navigating to any of those three sub-sections. Occasionally, however, you may still find an article pertaining to one of my traveling experiences that weren’t on my bucket list for travels.

My Ancestral Journey

I have compiled all my articles regarding my journey with finding my biological father and discovering my paternal genealogical roots into one section under the main menu category of My Ancestral Journey. This means you no longer have to hunt for which part you want to read, as they’re all listed together and in chronological order.

Other Beautiful Moments

Other Beautiful Moments is a section dedicated to sharing my experiences, memories or new fun things that may not specifically have anything to do with A Year of Positivity, My Ancestral Journey, or Bucket Listed Travels.

A Year of Positivity

I’m quite ecstatic to announce that I’m adding a new special element to A Few Beautiful Moments. With the project having been officially launched as of July 1, 2021, you’re all welcome to check out A Year of Positivity for a proper introduction to my new project of the year.


Armor On Podcast Series

I’m thrilled to announce the latest addition, a special element, to A Few Beautiful Moments. This project has been in the works for a few months in the latter half of 2022, and now with the help of my best friend and co-host, we’ve brought Armor On to life. Our new podcast is a faith-based channel now available on Spotify, though if you’re interested in finding out all the latest information on Armor On, check out the page here or via the title of this latest feature listed above.

Have a great day and happy reading!

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