Day #107 in A Year of Positivity

“Give yourself permission to be happy every day.”
– Joel Osteen

Ciao, my darling readers, and it’s a pleasure to see you here on Day #107 in A Year of Positivity! Today’s short but super awesome quote comes from Joel Osteen, “Give yourself permission to be happy every day.” Some experts would argue that there are 4 levels of happiness while others would say there are 5 levels. I’m only going to talk about a few in this post, though.

Are you happy with the direction the path of your life is leading? Are you happy with your career(s)? Are you happy to be and feel alive? Do you feel you have meaning, satisfaction, and joy in your life overall? These are the kinds of happiness I’m referring to in this message.

However, oftentimes we are our own worst critic and enemy. Sometimes we listen too much to the people who’ve made us feel like we weren’t worthy; therefore, we devalue ourselves and sometimes lose sight of the huge and amazing picture. I know what this is like, as I’ve been in this position a few times, and coming from personal experience, it’s not a nightmare of a struggle to get out of that vortex once you’re sucked in. It’s worth it, though, to find a way back onto the other side.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be happy, and most of all, don’t tell yourself that either. It’s okay to be happy. So, go ahead and give yourself permission to be happy every day, in one way or another.

Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

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