Day #44 in A Year of Positivity

“Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”
– David O. McKay

Hello and welcome to Day #44 in A Year of Positivity! It’s been one of those mentally taxing days for me, though I was productive with my thoughts for the first few hours of this morning. Then, I took some breathing time to myself to relax, and now I’m ready to share today’s quote. This one comes from David O. McKay, “Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.”

What do all the buildings in the world have in common, whether they be stores or offices, or hotels or houses, or even places of shopping or worship, etc.? Foundations. What do mathematics and physics, and chemistry and biology have in common? Foundations. What do all the languages in the world have in common, aside from the fact that they are also direct foundations for each culture? Foundations.

By its very definition, foundation means the starting point of something being built with a purpose, and this applies for both the material world and in the abstract (ideas, principles, etc.). It goes without saying that this also applies to the way we think. If you have a building with a weak foundation, what will it do? It will crumble because the foundation can’t support the weight of the walls and the floors and everything in-between. Now, if we have a building that has a sound foundation, what will the building do? It will keep the building standing while it serves its purpose.

In order for us to build the positive lives we want to lead and live, we must first start with the basics. We have to build a firm foundation that will support the way we live. This means the way we think. If our goal is to live a healthy life of positivity, but our minds are thinking in the negative, then our negative thoughts won’t support us, and instead we’ll crumble in our self-doubt and wallow in any form of negativity and setback, which is completely unhealthy.

If we change our thinking to a more positive light, and we keep building our bricks in this light, then we’ll have a sturdy and beautiful foundation that will always support a positive and healthy life ahead. This will ultimately lead us to the success we want in our dreams and goals. So, David O. McKay was right. Our thoughts really are the architects of our destiny.

If you’re reading this and you need to restructure your thoughts to some more positive ones, then go demolish that foundation that was built with negativity and self-doubt because it’s not doing you any favors. A do-over in this case is the best thing you could do for yourself because it allows you to start fresh and build a better foundation, a better thought process when it comes to positivity, that will help support you in the long run in many positive, productive, and healthy ways to live and be your best you.

Image by 132369 from Pixabay

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