Looking Back on 2019 and Giving Thanks.

Hello, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything here, but to be honest, it’s been such a busy, crazy year with so much fun and so many new discoveries! I have taken the liberty of looking back on my 2018 Thanksgiving post, A Beautiful Moment for Giving Thanks, and I have found that I’m still thankful for a lot of what is on that list, but there are a few new things to add to the list for 2019. Some of this list will be a repeat of last year, might have something added to it, and some things altogether will be new to the list. Please also keep in mind that none of these are in any particular order, so with that being said …

1. I am thankful to be alive. Tomorrow is not promised, so it is important to acknowledge that every breath is a gift. My outlook on this has not changed too much on this from last year, and in fact, it actually has even more of a deeper meaning to me now, because I am now romantically involved with someone who has Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable, life-threatening disease that affects an individual’s respiratory and digestive system in various complicated ways.

2. That being said, I’m thankful for every moment I can spend with him, and I know every breath of his is also a gift. Every moment I get to spend with him is another opportunity for me to love, honor, respect, appreciate, cherish, and support him in all the ways I can. He’s an incredible person who has knocked down the protective barrier I’ve put up over my heart for the last few years, and he’s accepted every part of me, flaws, mistakes, and all. He also inspires me to be a better person than I used to be. He makes me feel safe and protected, as well as appreciated, loved, and respected in a way I’ve never truly felt with anyone before, and I just appreciate and love him so much.

3. I am thankful to be given life by not only God but also by my mama (RIP). Last year, I’d put in this section that I was also thankful because somewhere out there I have a paternal sperm donor who I didn’t know, but as you can see from various posts I’ve released throughout 2019, that little fact has changed, and definitely needs correction on this list of what I’m thankful for. So, while it’s still true that I am wholly and genuinely thankful for the father/daughter bond I have with my legal/birth certificate father who is still alive today (as well as my soon-to-be stepfather), I am also happy to say I am thankful I have found my birth/biological father, and with him a beautiful stepmother, as well as 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers who all inspire me so differently through their own unique and beautiful ways.

4. I am also thankful for my 3 brothers from my mother (though one is predeceased since 1997; may he RIP), as well as 2 stepbrothers from my legal/birth certificate father. To see these changes occur from when I was a little girl and only knowing 2 of my maternal brothers (one was adopted out before the rest of us 3 were born, so we didn’t know him growing up, but he found us in 2007, of which I am also thankful for, because I have a beautiful sister-in-law and I am blessed and so thankful to see 2 of my nephews grow up before my eyes), and wishing I had more siblings, to seeing my life now as an adult and being connected with so many brothers and sisters. God truly answered my prayers and multiplied his blessings upon my life.

5. I am thankful for Jesus and what he did on the cross. I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this one, as everyone has different views on religion and religious beliefs, but this is mine—so no matter what I may be unsure of in this life and throughout, this is the one belief I absolutely stand firm in.

6. I am thankful to love and to be loved by so many people, all my family, my friends, co-workers (past and present), whether they are near or far. I am also thankful for everyone I cross paths with.

7. I am thankful for all the hardships I have endured, because they have helped to shape me and strengthen me today than I ever thought was possible. I see myself today from a year ago and see so many changes, so much more joy and peace.

8. I am thankful for the strength and courage that God instills within me and builds me up with. Life isn’t easy, and it will always have its challenges (both good and bad), so strength and courage will always come in handy.

9. I am thankful for the roof over my head, which is a safe place I can call home that will keep me warm in the during the winter months, and I am thankful for the food and water I have as well.

10. I am thankful to have a full-time job that financially provides for my home, food, water, electric, and heat.

11. I am thankful that I have officially an entire year of being a published author, as my debut Romance-Suspense Christian fiction novel – Broken – technically was printed in September 2018 (check out the book trailer posted in the right column). I am working on a sequel to it, but most of my writing has been put on hold to spend time with family during this holiday season. My work on my sequel will be continued once the 2020 New Year’s celebration has come and gone, I promise. That being said, I am thankful for all who have supported me and my dreams, and helping me along the way to achieving my dream to be a published author. I couldn’t have made it this far in my writing career without all my followers and supporters.

12. I am also thankful for the military men and women who have sacrificed their time, energy, and their lives to protect me, my loved ones, and our freedoms in our country. As a woman who was once born as a military brat, I acknowledge the fact that serving and protecting in the military isn’t easy. These men and women deserve our utmost respect and thanks, and they certainly have mine.

13. I am thankful for all the places I’ve been in this world so far.

14. I am thankful for having been given so many opportunities to experience once-in-a-lifetime activities (including the ones I’ve already shared, as well as the ones I have yet to share). I am thankful that I got to cross off a few new items and destinations off my bucket list, and cannot wait to share them with you after the holiday season has wrapped up.

15. And last, but not least, I am thankful for time. Every moment that passes is a moment that will never come back. Too often we take time for granted. Time can be given to improve ourselves, to improve our situations, to heal from a hurtful situation, to spend in solidarity and reflect during difficult or stagnant times, to spend with loved ones… and … time can easily be stripped away from us. As I have stated in #1, tomorrow is not promised, and it never will be.

Thank you for reading this post, and if you are interested, you may share in the comments below on what you are thankful for as well, as I absolutely love reading and hearing what others have to say when they give thanks. Either way, I hope you have a wonderful, safe, prosperous, peaceful, and joyous Thanksgiving! Now go leave my blog and relax, laugh, and make some beautiful, precious moments with all your loved ones.

(My thanks for this photo I used today goes out to Pro Church Media.)

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