Day #102 in A Year of Positivity

“Invest in yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.”
– Unknown

Ciao, my darling readers, and thank you for joining me on Day #102 in A Year of Positivity! I hope this message finds you all well and in good health. As I was looking for a quote from an inspirational search, I came across this one, though I cannot find who the original author is. The quote goes, “Invest in yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

This quote makes me think of how much emotional energy and positivity in which I invest into other people daily. This widely ranges from family members to coworkers to many of my friends, etc. It truly makes me smile and feel good when I see others succeed and hearing their success stories gives me goosebumps (the good kind). However, I’m one of those personalities that’s both an introvert and an extrovert, though I prefer the term extroverted introvert. I tend to lean towards being an introvert, though I also understand when it’s necessary to be extroverted, or if I simply want to in order to support those that I love in whatever’s going on in their lives.

Every night around bedtime, no matter what’s gone on in the day, I find I’m emotionally spent. Sometimes when there is so much going on around me back to back in days, I will literally find myself retreating from people to the peace and quiet that helps me to recharge. My mornings don’t always start out so peaceful, as sometimes I have to get a jump on things right away, so the best time I get for downtime is before bed. I have to be able to take care of myself first, and recharge before I can go back out there again the next day to do what I do.

Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you’re someone who has many people in their life that they love, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the waves of everything going on around you, and you feel torn apart about who to invest your time with because there’s not enough time in the day, then listen to your body because that’s a sign that YOU have to come first. You can’t be there for other people unless you take care of yourself first.

Also, if you’re someone who has huge dreams and goals but you don’t know how to achieve them, again it’s all about investing in yourself. Invest in yourself by investing your time into learning everything you can learn about your dreams and goals. It won’t be an easy mission, but if you have the passion and the heart for it, and you’ve got a clear vision for it, then it’s worth every effort you make.

Love yourself before you love others.
Take care of yourself before taking care of others.
Believe in yourself and in your success.

Image by Kawita Chitprathak from Pixabay

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