Day #94 in A Year of Positivity

“All success begins with self-discipline. It starts with you.”
– Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Ciao, folks, and it’s so awesome to see you here with me on Day #94 in A Year of Positivity! Today’s quote comes from one of my favorite people in Hollywood, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, “All success begins with self-discipline. It starts with you.”

I think we all have a little laziness in us from time to time. Sometimes it can be hard to move through self-discipline. For example, according to my fasting app, I started intermittent fasting 33 days ago. While I was out of work on FMLA due to my broken wrist, I kept eating for comfort, and I ate almost throughout the entire day – a lot of this consumed eating junk food. Chips, cheese curls, ice cream, these are all my weakness.

I decided to try quitting them because I have self-control issues when it comes to these items. I can’t resist their deliciousness, but I didn’t like where my weight was going again. I was having a hard time working out because of my wrist issues, so I decided to not only watch what I eat and in how many calories, but I also decided to go back to intermittent fasting. At first, it was hard to restrict myself to an 8-hour window of eating while fasting on the other 16 hours. I was hungry, and I craved the junk foods so badly – all the time. There were several times I just wanted to give up and eat everything in sight.

I didn’t want to be lazy about fasting, though, so instead, I drank a cup of water to curb each craving as they came along, and I kept my mind focused on whatever task needed my attention. Now here I am 33 days into my intermittent fasting schedule, and my brain’s kind of moving this intermittent fasting to auto-pilot mode. I’m also very used to counting my calories that based on the foods I mainly eat, I rarely have to count them because I’m memorizing all the individual calories. I’ve lost 5lbs in the last couple of weeks, but then again I’ve also started working out too. I have to say, though, that calorie counting and intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone. It’s all about listening to the body and knowing when it’s time to eat.

So, as you can see, it can definitely be a challenge to be self-disciplined, but you know what? It’s absolutely worth the effort. You’ll feel so much better if you discipline yourself when it comes to your goals and habits. My story above is only one example of how to apply self-discipline. It can be applied in all aspects of our lives.

What about you? Do you have any self-discipline issues? If so, what areas of your life do they apply to? What will you do to stand up and apply it to the areas needing that extra attention? How do you see yourself sticking it through the discipline?

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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