Day #27 in A Year of Positivity

“It’s a good day to try.” ā€“ Quasimodo
(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Welcome to Day #27 in A Year of Positivity! Today’s quote comes from one of my favorite Disney movies I used to watch all the time when I was a little girl. I vividly remember watching it the most in the third grade. Today’s post will talk about a special quote that Quasimodo spoke, “It’s a good day to try.” Why, yes, Quasimodo, it very well is a good day to try!

To try what, you may ask? Well, anything your heart desires, my dears! If you’ve got a goal or a dream to achieve which you haven’t moved towards yet, maybe now’s the best time to take a step toward it! If you’ve been struggling with something, try on a different perspective and approach the situation from a different angle to help you with a new, outside the box resolution to overcome the obstacle or situation.

A couple weekends ago, I went blueberry picking at a local farm with my grandma. I had never tried blueberries before, as I had a food fear about them. I didn’t even want to go blueberry picking with her. She didn’t want to go by herself, though, so I went with her, anyway. When I was with her on the farm, we noticed they had a really nice selection to pick from, and we got a big bucket of them. The outing with my grandma even turned into a fun little adventure! We also picked up some plums and peaches.

I can’t stand the aftertaste of peaches, but plums I had never formally tried. On that same afternoon when we got back home, I felt bold enough to try a plum. It was delicious! Last weekend, on Saturday, I was craving pancakes, and when I saw the bowl of blueberries sitting on the kitchen table, I asked Grams if she wanted blueberry pancakes. She loves pancakes, and she loves blueberries, but she’s never tried blueberry pancakes. So, I made pancakes to the best of my ability.

It was a big mess at first because my left wrist is still healing, and I’m not supposed to put any resistance or weight on it yet, though everything worked out in the end for brunch! Those pancakes were sooo delicious and they’re now officially my new favorite breakfast food!!! It was totally worth all the struggle and frustration I went through to make them. We loved them so much that we even made more the next day! If Grams and I wouldn’t have made that bold first step in trying blueberry pancakes, we would be missing out on something that’s so incredibly delicious.

The same concept applies to me trying plums as well. You really won’t know what you’re missing until you try. So be bold. Take that first step toward trying something new today. You can’t lose anything by trying.

What will you try today?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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